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Hairdressing profession is among the most popular occupations in the beauty sector. In addition, the employment fields are a very wide range of professions ...

Beauty Specialist


Bahar Academy offers 30% theoretical and 70% practical aesthetic education for its experienced staff.

Men's Hairdressing


Those who have completed barber education will be able to continue their profession as masters, as well as have the certificate of opening their own work place ...

Nail Technician

tirnak teknisyen

In our course we have been providing training on gel system, deeping system, acrillic system nail applications which are advanced nail systems as the content of nail course..

Permanent Make-up


In this course, it is ensured that the small lips look fuller, the appearance of the eye shape, the eyelashes look more frequent and attractive.

Silk Eyelashes

ipek kirpik

Silk eyelash is a method used to fill diminishing eyelashes. Individual eyelashes made of pure silk are applied with special adhesive.

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